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Common Questions About Creative Photography

Commonly asked questions about Creative photo shoots

Of course if you have any questions that haven't been answered here, we invite you to Contact Us directly so we can help you more thoroughly.


Do I have to bring my own theatrical makeup?

Absolutely not! Of course if you have something specific you're considering wanting in your photos, you're welcome to bring it to your free consultation so we can take a look. But our professional MUA and creative designer are very experienced and will ensure that you look your best for your photos, no matter what!

I don't have any costumes or props.

No need to worry, our studio has the largest collection of gowns, accessories, and more, in all of Southern Oregon! For Creative photo sessions, we bring in a creative designer to create your look, design your accessories, coordinate props, and anything else that may be required to achieve the vision you have. We can't wait to get an idea of the photos you'd like us to create for you! Book your free consultation now so we can get started!

I've never modeled before, I don't know what to do.

Most of our clients are not models! That's totally OK, and we're used to it. John has many years of experience and knows just how to have clients position themselves for the camera in order to capture the best photos. His casual nature will instantly put you at ease so you can concentrate on just having fun! John will direct you on how to hold your hands, tilt your head, and anything else, so don't let that stop you from giving yourself this fun photo shoot! We encourage you to book a free consultation so we can talk about your photo goals and address any concerns you may have so we can put your mind at ease!

Creative photo of blonde woman in gold costume with metallic stars - Medford Photographer, John Neilson


Creative photography sessions start at $995

We start with an initial complimentary meeting to discuss the goals for your photographs as well as how to prepare for the actual photo shoot.  It is customary to book the actual shoot date three to four weeks in advance.  A 50% deposit is required when the actual date is booked.

Our staff includes the senior photographer, lighting director, makeup artist, creative designers, and a high end professional image retouching service. Prints and digital images are not included in the session fee and are available at an additional cost.  If you're considering having your portrait created, Oregon Studio Group will provide you with exciting lifetime experience and beautiful portraits that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

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