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General Photography Questions

Commonly asked questions about what to expect at a photo shoot

Of course if you have any questions that haven't been answered here, we invite you to Contact Us directly so we can help you more thoroughly.


Where is your studio located? 

We’re located in a residential section of East Medford, Oregon. All our photography is done by appointment only. There is always an easy way to get to the studio. Call (541) 690-2710 to get driving directions.

Will the images be retouched? 

Only minimal retouched images are available after the photo session.  Once the client decides on which image they wish to purchase, then additional retouching is available that will correct skin imperfections, thin wrinkles, fine shadows, remove pores, smooth tan lines, dark circles under eyes, stretch marks, lingerie marks, and surgery scars. Charges are $95.00 per image.

Who will help me with the posing? 

You do not need modeling experience. If you’re not a model and don’t have any experience posing in front of the camera, we will coach you on how to pose and facial expressions to look best for the camera.

How old must I be to have this type of photography done? 

It is our policy that you must be at least 18 years of age. No Exceptions. We do reserve the right to check ID so please bring a current photo ID.

How does the process begin? 

We suggest a call three to four weeks before the actual day of photography. We can discuss the style of photography desired, wardrobe choices and suggestions, props, and scheduling. Please get in touch with us, and we’ll set this up.

When can I see the photos? 

You will see some of the pictures right after they are taken. We’ll show you the photos on our large monitors and we will provide you with our professional opinion about selecting which of the photos you might be the happiest with.  We will do some minimal retouching and then schedule a time to view the best of your photographs.

What is your privacy policy?

The respect of our client’s privacy is our top priority. We will not use our client’s photographs for any purpose other than for sale to the client who appears on the photographs unless a models release has been signed by the client and obtained by the photographer before any photographs can be used for publication, advertising, or any other purpose. Just having a sitting with a photographer doesn’t give the photographer this release. If we would want to use any of your photos in our portfolio, we would have to obtain a separate written release and specify which image(s) would be used. Again, just having a sitting for your own purposes does not give the photographer a model release. All images on our site are professional models or clients who have signed a written model release.

How do I have to prepare before my photo shoot? 

Wash and dry your hair the day before you arrive. The MUA will professionally style your hair and do your makeup. Please don’t style or put any conditioner on your hair. Please do not apply any fake or spray on tan product to your skin as they will produce uneven color on your skin or spots under our lights.

Do I have to make an appointment? 

Yes. Appointments are made to ensure that we are fully prepared for your Photo experience.

Do you require a deposit for booking a photo session? 

Yes, all appointments require a non-refundable deposit of $250 that will be credited to your total bill the day of the session. Whenever an appointment is made, the time scheduled becomes committed to the person making the appointment. That block of time becomes unavailable to anyone else seeking to make an appointment at that time. A non-refundable deposit deters people from casually canceling the time they have committed to.

What about cancellation of photo session? 

Any cancellation less than 7 days prior to the day of your scheduled shoot will result in the loss of your deposit. 

What are the Studio hours? 

Oregon Studio is by appointment only.  Pre-session consultations are booked Monday to Friday.  We have pre-sessions appointment times available for mornings, afternoons and evenings. Photo sessions can be book for mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends subject to availability. We offer evening and weekend appointments specifically to help our clients who are working.

Shooting is available 24/7 with Special rates. We highly recommend to call for appointments to meet our photographer. To protect the privacy of our photo sessions, walk-in are never allowed.

This is my first time doing this and I’m nervous.

This is normal. Most of our clients who do not have professional photo experience or any professional modeling experience at all it’s quite normal to feel apprehensive. At Oregon Studio Group we require a complimentary pre-meeting consultation prior to the photo shoot day where you will have the opportunity to meet John and his crew. We can discuss what you can expect during your photo session.  Feel free to bring a friend if she/he will make you feel more relaxed.

Can I skip the pre-meeting consultation? 

No, this is a very important meeting where we will discuss the type of images you would like to create and how to prepare for the shoot.

Who will be present at my photo shoot? 

Photo shoots can require a lot of staff. These include the senior photographer John, the technical lighting director, the makeup artist (MUA), and the creative designer who will be putting the last minute touches to your look. Depending on the type of photo shoot you book, will depend on the number of staff present. This is something that will be discussed during your initial consultation.

Vintage inspired photo of blondewoman wih purse an feather headpiece - Medford Photographer, John Neilson
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