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Common Questions About Headshots

Commonly asked questions about Glamour Headshots

Of course if you have any questions that haven't been answered here, we invite you to Contact Us directly so we can help you more thoroughly.


What are Glamour Headshots?

Glamour headshots are a fun reason to get dolled up and take some spectacular photos for yourself or to give as gifts. Many clients have also used these stunning headshot photos for portfolios, pageant submissions, gifts for spouses and other family, visual celebrations of meeting a weight goal, and just for fun to put up on their wall!

Whatever your desire for fun fashion and glamour headshots, we encourage you to book your free consultation with us and let us help you capture your vision in photographs!

I'm not sure how to do my hair and makeup.

That's OK! Oregon Studio Group provides hair and makeup services by a professional MUA (Make Up Artist) for every photo shoot. We'll have an idea of what you'd like your photos to look like during your free consultation, and our MUA will ensure that you look your best for your photo shoot!

Can I get my glamour headshots in black and white?

Of course! We are able to provide you with many options to achieve exactly the professional appearance you desire for your image. This is something we'll be happy to talk about during your free consultation.

Shae Celine_200125_839.jpg


Luxury Fashion photography sessions start at $495

We start with an initial complimentary meeting to discuss the goals for your photographs as well as how to prepare for the actual photo shoot.  It is customary to book the actual shoot date three to four weeks in advance.  A 50% deposit is required when the actual date is booked.

Our staff includes the senior photographer, lighting director, makeup artist, creative designers, and a high end professional image retouching service. Prints and digital images are not included in the session fee and are available at an additional cost.  If you're considering having your portrait created, Oregon Studio Group will provide you with exciting lifetime experience and beautiful portraits that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

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