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Do Your Wedding Photos Really Need an Album?

In the world of digital, there are a lot of arguments leaning toward the idea of not needing wedding albums. "They're old-fashioned", "they're outdated", "they're a pain to store"; we've heard it all! So why the heck do you need a wedding album for your photos? Here are three reasons you might not have considered:

1.) They can be passed down for generations

Have you even seen a really old photo? Even held it in your hands? It can be truly amazing because you're literally holding a piece of history! Photographs that are decades old have stood the test of time and allowed future generations to get a glimpse into a moment of the past.

Isn't it amazing to think that your great-great-great-grandchildren could flip through your albums years from now and be able to see clearly so far back into their family history?

2.) In an emergency situation, your album is easy to save

Of course, nobody ever expects an emergency like a flood, a fire, or theft, but unfortunately it does happen. By storing your precious wedding photos on a digital device like your phone, a computer, or even an external hard drive, there's a good chance that your photographic memories could be lost in a natural disaster event of a theft. While some of the time, files can be recovered, there are more times than not when those photos become lost forever.

In the event of something such as a house fire, you're far more likely to be able to quickly save your wedding album (after the people and pets, of course!) than to rescue your whole computer...

3.) You're more likely to actually look at your wedding photos

All too often, we take an amazing photo on our smartphones only to have it saved in the photos folder, never to be looked at again. Sure, many of us back up our photos to the cloud or some other form of digital storage, but if we're really honest with ourselves, how often do we actually take the time to go through digital folders full of photos to look at them?

Having wedding photography beautifully stored in your wedding album gives you a simple place to keep such important memories within easy reach if you're just having a day you want to reminisce for a while.


These are just three important reasons why you should have your wedding photos in an album. For these reasons, we've made the decision to build all of our wedding photography collections with stunning, professionally designed leather albums included!

The emotional importance of having a physical wedding album you can touch and feel is unparalleled and we believe every couple should have one!

Check out our Medford wedding photography collections and give us a ring (on the phone of course, not the bling!) to chat about your big day!

We can't wait to photograph your wedding!

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