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How to Display Your Photos

Once your photography session is over, it’s time to decide where and how you are going to put your photos and what will look best in your home or office.

Here are some of our favorite ways to display pictures!

· Canvas

We offer beautiful canvases stretched over varying thicknesses of wood to make it stand out more or less depending on your preference. These photos are free-floating and do not require a frame. Canvas prints are wonderful for family photos and special pictures of children of pets.

· Framed on the Wall

Dress your photos up with stylish frames to match your home décor. We offer a variety of print sizes and paper finishes for you to choose from. Framed photos are appropriate for any type of picture, from home to office. Contact us for more details.

*When hanging pictures on the wall (framed or canvas) consider hanging a single photo, or a group of photos to create different styles.

Medford Wedding Photographer | Print display | Wedding Photography by Oregon Studio Group, Medford, OR
Framed photo prints and screensavers.
· Framed on Shelves, Desks, Tables

If you are renting or don’t want to put holes in your walls from prints or canvases, you can also frame your prints and place them on shelves, desks, or tables around your home. (You can also do this in addition to the wall hangings if you’d like.) This is a great option for office desks as well to keep a family photo nearby during the work day, or to display your professional headshot in a business reception area.

· Photo Boxes

Custom photo boxes are totally in style! These are very popular with clients. A photo box is a great way to display your pictures, and you can keep more prints inside or use it as a keepsake box to hold sentimental items. Get in touch to find out about options!

Medford wedding photography with albums | Medford Wedding Photographer Oregon Studio Group
Albums for any occasion

· Albums/Coffee Table Books

If you just can’t pick out a few photos to display in your home and you need more space, you can always get an album printed up and place it on your coffee table or bookshelf. Pull it out and look through it to remember how fun your session was, and how much your family loves each other. We build many of these beautiful albums for events such as weddings and engagements, as well as memorable family albums.

· Computer Screensaver

You can also use your photos to create slideshows that can be used as screensavers so you can enjoy your photos while your computer gets some rest. This is another wonderful choice for those who want to keep memories close by while working from home or at the office.

Our Medford photography studio is well-equipped to create high resolution photos and many different kinds of prints and photo display options for you. Book your photoshoot with us today and let's talk about the many different types of displays we can create using your pictures!