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How to Pick a Photographer - Four Steps

Have you found yourself wanting (or needing) pictures taken but you’re not sure how to pick a photographer that’s going to fit your vision? Where do you start?

Choosing a photographer doesn't have to be confusing. Just follow these easy suggestions!

Well you’re in luck! Because I’ve got four steps that will help you find the right photographer! Keep on reading and I promise you’ll be a lot more equipped with the info you need.

1.) Recommendations/Word of mouth – If your best friend had a great pizza at the new place down the road and suggested you try it, would you be likely to trust them? You probably would, right? Recommendations are huge! Nobody recommends places that they had a bad experience at, so when someone goes out of their way to suggest a photographer to you, that’s a really great sign! Go ahead and put that photographer on your top three list to call!

If someone recommends a photographer to you, it never hurts to give them a call!

"You’ll be much happier with the outcome of your photos if you choose a professional photographer who’s experienced in that style."

2.) Type of photography (wedding/headshots/boudoir, etc.) – This is a biggie. When you’re searching for your photographer, make sure they’re experienced in the type of photography you want. For example, a photographer who primarily works in corporate headshots for entrepreneurs might not be your best option to take dreamy, wedding-day photos on location at your ceremony. A photographer who shoots boudoir photography probably isn’t going to be doing newborn photography at the hospital. You get the idea! Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be much happier with the outcome of your photos if you choose a professional photographer who’s experienced in that photography style.

Photography styles and skills can vary greatly! Make sure you book a photographer whose style matches what you want.

3.) Call ahead and talk – I cannot stress this enough: If you have the chance, get a face-to-face (or phone if that isn’t an option) consultation with the photographer before the day of you photoshoot. There have been many times I’ve heard of clients who booked with a photographer and had never spoken until the day of the photoshoot. Those clients ended up with a lack of communication, which led to a lack of preparation, which ultimately led to the client ending up with photos they really didn’t love. While that situation really isn’t a fault of either the photographer or the client, it is pretty easily avoidable! Just give your photographer a ring and ask if they can talk to you about your vision and make sure that what you are expecting from your photo session matches up with what they're able to provide.

Calling ahead gives your photographer a chance to prepare for any custom photos you might want!

4.) Budget – Obviously budget is a factor for most of us! Don’t be afraid to shop around for pricing. It can vary widely depending on things like how many outfits you want to change into, how many digital photos or prints you want, shooting at the photography studio or at a location you choose, and other things like that. It’s always a good idea to get a good idea of what you want first, then discuss whether or not the photographer you’d like can deliver what you want within your budget. If you're in love with the photography style of a photographer but they're package pricing doesn't fit in your budget, you can always call and see if they are able to give you a custom quote with less package features. Many photographers are willing to work with you.

Talk to your photographer first and make sure they can give you what you want without breaking your bank!

If you follow these four parameters when choosing your photographer, you’ll have a much better chance of getting the quality you’re hoping for. If you’re ready to give our studio a try, I invite you to book a free consultation to talk to John one-on-one and talk about your dream photo shoot!

We’ll see you soon!