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Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas Your Clients Will Love

Saying thank-you is always good practice, but sometimes going above and beyond by gifting your real estate client a small something can make a major impact.

At our photography studio, we routinely work with professionals in real estate, creating spectacular headshot, and providing superior photography of properties for their listings. So today, instead of talking about simply photography, here are a few fun closing gift ideas for our friends in real estate!

An Ornament with a Picture of Their House

If your client purchased their home around the holidays, a photo ornament could be a great idea. You can find picture-frame ornaments at most craft stores or even on Amazon. Choose an ornament frame you think they’ll love, then put a picture of their home inside. If you need help getting a custom sized photo print, just give us a call and we can help get a high-quality print at just the right size.

A Framed Image of Them Holding the Keys to Their House

You could gift your real estate client a framed image of them standing in front of their new home with keys in hand! They’ll need something to put up on those brand new walls anyway, right?

A Nice Bottle of Champagne and Thank-You Card

A classic “thank you“ to consider is a nice bottle of champagne with a hand-written card. If you’re feeling extra indulgent, spring for champagne glasses with their home purchase date engraved!

Create an Album with the Real Estate Images

Send your clients down home-buying memory lane by having us design a beautiful photo album created just for them that features listing images of their new home. They'll be reminded of the excitement they felt when they found their dream home, and it makes for a stunning keepsake they can pass down to future generations, too.

A Bouquet of Gorgeous Flowers for Their New Home

It doesn’t matter who you are — having a beautiful bouquet of flowers in your home adds color, life, and happiness. Opt for something that speaks to their personal style, but if in doubt go for color!

A Gift Card to the Local Bakery or Coffee Shop

Welcome your real estate clients to the neighborhood by giving them a gift card to a

local restaurant, bakery, or coffee shop. It gives them a reason to explore the area, and who doesn’t love Dutch Bros. coffee around here??

A closing gift is a small token that really makes the phrase “It’s the thought that counts,” ring true. Not only will it help make them feel confident that they chose the right agent to help them find a house, but it will also help make them feel more inclined to work with you in the future and refer you to their friends.

And when you need spectacular property photos for your next real estate listing…you know where to find us! ;-)

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