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It can be a lot of fun to do a couples photoshoot to rekindle some of those butterflies from early in the relationship. Here are some of our favorite ideas for couples photo shoots!

A recreation of a photograph this couple had taken many years earlier. - Photograph by Oregon Studio Group, Medford Oregon

IDEA 1: Do an outdoor couples photoshoot during your favorite season.

Maybe you’re both avid snowboarders, or you love going on fall nature hikes. Whatever your favorite season is, capture it in photos during a romantic couples photo shoot!

IDEA 2: Go back to where you first met.

Have a fun flashback moment and take a trip back to where you first met, or where you had your first date, maybe do a photo shoot at the venue where you got married. Revisiting the places that played such a big part of your relationship memories is a lot of fun and really revives the passion!

IDEA 3: Recreate an old photo.

Your engagement photo, a prom picture, or maybe a favorite picture of your parents. Trying to create the exact same photo years later is pretty fun and meaningful. See if you can even get the same color shirts as the old photo, a similar background, or anything you can recreate that looks the same as the original.

IDEA 4: Incorporate your favorite props.

Sports fans, have a couples photo shoot wearing matching jerseys from your favorite team. If you both love movies, consider a cinema-themed photo shoot. Gamers and cosplayers, you can both use gaming controllers as props or wear your best cosplay costumes!

We love creating unique photoshoots for couples at our studio, so if you’re in the Medford, Oregon area and want to shoot some amazing photos, give us a call and let’s set something up!