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Photography For a Small Wedding?


You’ve spent countless months planning your wedding. You’ve decided on the perfect wedding venue. You’ve paid the deposit and reserved a five-tier masterpiece with chocolate, vanilla, AND lemon cake layers. And you’ve decided to cut a few costs in other areas to make sure the budget allowed for all of those fun memories. Hey, I’m totally on board with saving some dollars at the end of the day! It’s one of my favorite things to do.

But here’s why you should make sure that hiring a wedding photographer doesn’t get cut out of the budget plans.

REASON 1: You worked really hard putting this whole event together!

A good wedding photographer will be going around capturing photos of all the little things that you wouldn’t have even thought to take a picture of. But 5, 10, and even 40 years down the road, those little detail photos can really bring your wedding memories back to life as if you were still standing at the venue!

REASON 2: You want your guests to enjoy themselves!

You’re inviting your closest family and best of friends to celebrate with you and enjoy the festivities. A wedding photographer is at your event with the sole purpose of capturing beautiful photos of your entire day. Without hiring a wedding photographer, the fate of your scrapbook of lifetime memories may come at the cost of your guests sacrificing a moment of dancing to take cell phone pictures. OR you run the risk of missing a lot of wonderful photo opportunities because your guests are enjoying those moments WITH YOU (which is really the whole point of celebrating, right?)

REASON 3: Professional quality photos just can’t be beat by iPhone pics!

It’s very common to end up with blurry photos of the bouquet toss, backs of people’s heads in front of you when you’re cutting the cake, and grainy photos (especially indoors or during evening weddings). Plus, Uncle Terrence who’s had a few too many glasses of wine probably won’t be taking very good photos of your first dance as husband and wife…just sayin'!

REASON 4: You have the option of getting high quality prints of your photos, or stunning professional albums that will last for decades.

Sure, you can DIY a lot of these things, but I’m going to be honest here…it can be very difficult to build a good wedding album! Photos often have to be shot at a specific resolution and ratio in order to properly fill up a wedding album, and it’s very time consuming to put everything together. A wedding photographer already knows exactly what they’re doing and will be able to add this album service onto your wedding photography collection. Then while you’re enjoying your honeymoon and the first weeks of wedded bliss, you can rest easy knowing your wedding photographer is already working on retouching your photos, and putting together the perfect album for you.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that an album is included in each of our wedding collections at Oregon Studio Group! Just in case you needed a little extra help choosing your wedding photographer...wink,wink!

For couples planning a Southern Oregon wedding, get in touch with us to talk about reserving your wedding date on our photography calendar! We’d love to meet with you to chat about your ideas and hear all about your plans.