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Tips for Winter Photo Sessions

What to Wear to an Outdoor Winter Photography Session in Southern Oregon

Winter couple photography | Oregon wedding photographer | Elopement photographer Medford OR


Winter’s cold, sure, but it makes for some seriously stunning photographs. Snowflakes, evergreen trees, and white backdrops everywhere? It’s a photographer’s wonderland! Here’s how we recommend to dress for an outdoor winter photo session in Southern Oregon to take advantage of that winter wonderland.


Winter Family Photoshoot in Oregon | Medford Family Photography
Forests and local tree farms are a fun and festive idea!

- There could be snow depending on when and where we do the photoshoot, so really punch things up with fun colors. Think bright red, navy, yellow, green. Any color that really pops against white is a go.

- On that same note, small, subtle prints or plaids can work well, but in general try to steer clear of loud prints like stripes, polka dots, or large florals. Prints like these will really distract from your face in the photograph!

Engagement photographer in Medford OR | Southern Oregon Elopement photographer | Medford wedding photographer
Planning a Winter wedding? Consider a Winter engagement photoshoot so you have matched seasonal images to send on your Save the Date cards!

- You can totally bundle up and play up the winter factor. We love seeing fur-lined boots or hats, oversized chunky scarves, adorable get the idea!

- Do wear a couple of layers underneath to ensure you stay warm. Double up on those socks and throw on some long johns, if you must! When doing an outdoor winter photoshoot here in Oregon, it can be pretty chilly!

Get in touch with us soon to choose a date and location for your winter photoshoot! We have lots of suggestions if you're not sure, and we are so ready to take some wonderful winter pictures for you.

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