Headshot Photography

High quality headshot photography for business and professionals

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Headshot Photography Investment

$125 per person at our studio


$125 per person at your location

+ one-time $150 on-site setup charge 


  • Pre-photo concept consultation

  • Shooting at our private studio

  • 1-2 wardrobe changes

  • 1-2 hours of photography

  • Retouched digital images for download

We are equipped to photograph large corporate groups.

Please contact us for group rates and availability.

Click here to read answers to other common questions and tips on how to prepare

Headshot Photography Examples

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Headshots with Background Replacement

If you need background replacement for your business photographs, we are able to do that for you without trouble. This is a great option for headshots if you need to show your facility or some other specific background.


Real Estate Headshots

High quality headshot photography for realtors. We know you need to look professional and friendly at your clients' first glance, so we strive to create the best photos for your business cards and brochures.

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Model & Actor Headshots

When building a modeling portfolio or acting portfolio, good pictures are crucial and can make or break your chances of getting callbacks. Trust us to create your modeling portfolio photos and acting headshots.


Black & White Headshots

Many times, professionals need their headshots in black and white. We are very capable of providing black and white photography services to business people to give you exactly the look of professionalism you need for your business photography.


Medical Headshots

Medical professionals often need to update their headshot photos for directories, websites, employee walls, and more. We are glad to offer headshot photography to doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and more valuable medical employees.

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Teacher Headshots

School faculty headshots are no problem with our studio. We are able to book photos for teachers and staff individually, or in a group.


Author Headshots

Headshot photography for authors can vary greatly in style. We listen to your specific personality and the tone of your written work to create great author headshots for novels, cookbooks, and more.

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Headshots with Blurred Background

If you require headshot photos with blurred backgrounds, we are experienced with providing that to our clients. Whether you need your business photos with a blurred outdoor background, blurred building, or blurred office setting, we are glad to create it to give you the perfect headshot.

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Manager Headshots

When booking business photography with us, company managers and assistant managers will have professional headshot photos that reflect their position, the business, and their professionalism.

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Salon Stylist Headshots

Salon staff may often need headshots for a salon website, advertising, and especially as independent contractors. We will create business headshots for your salon stylists that reflect personality and professionalism.


Social Media Headshots for Influencers

Blogger photos and influencer pictures have to be instantly eye-catching in an industry where their target market is constantly scrolling by. We'll take great headshots for bloggers and social media influencers that reflect your personal brand.


Headshots with Business in Background

If you need a headshot with your business in the background, or a photo of yourself while in your work environment, you'll be glad you booked our photography studio to capture every business detail along with your professional smile.

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Common Questions and How To Prepare

What do I need headshots for?

There are many reasons why someone might be in need of professional headshots. Many business professionals in fields such as Real Estate, Sales, Law, or a number of other categories need a professional headshot for their business card or a brochure. Any work field that uses a business card can benefit from the striking presence of a professional headshot on their card.

Some other reasons you might be in need of headshots include: Modeling portfolios, Church bulletins, Direct Sales Consultants, social media profile pictures for sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, employee directories for a business website, the reasons are truly limitless! If you find yourself wondering, "Do I need professional headshots?" the answer is probably yes. Book your free consultation with us and let's help you decide exactly what you need for your professional image.

How should I prepare for business headshots?

We'll gladly give you suggestions when we speak about your appointment to help you prepare. We'd also suggest taking a look at our blog post that gives 7 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Headshot Photography Session

Can I get my headshots in black and white?

Of course! We are able to provide you with many options to achieve exactly the professional appearance you desire for your image. This is something we'll be happy to talk about when you call us.

What if I need my headshots on a green screen background?

Not a problem! We have the capabilities to shoot your photos on our green screen background, giving you a high quality picture with a flawless green background for your needs. Just let us know you'll need a green screen backdrop for your headshot photos when you give us a call.

Can I book photo shoots for multiple employees?

Yes, absolutely! We understand that it can be difficult to coordinate everyone's schedules in order to get your photos completed when you need them. We'd like to make it as easy as possible for you and your employees, so please get in touch with us so we can talk about the best scheduling options for your needs!