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Professional Group Headshot Photography

Headshot photography services for business groups to create individual headshots for each person on a staff team.

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Example of professional headshots by professional photographer in Medford, OR | Oregon Studio Group

Group Headshot Photography Pricing

1-4 Individuals

5-10 Individuals

11-20 Individuals

21+ Individuals

$149 ea.

$129 ea.

$119 ea.

$109 ea.

+ one-time $149 on-site setup charge 


Additional images

(of the same individual or grouping)


Group Photos

​​$50 ea.

$30 per image

$149 per grouping


  • 5–10-minute headshot session per staff member in one outfit

  • Multiple poses and expressions to choose from

  • Viewing and selection of images after sessions

  • One high resolution image per staff member

  • Photograph delivery via a convenient online gallery

group headshots of staff members by professional photographer in Medford, Or

Book Your Group Headshot Photography Session

Click here for more information about headshot photography and tips on how to prepare for a headshot session.

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Group Headshot Investment Calculators

Use our convenient sliders to select the number of individuals getting headshots and get a total.

(Volume discount rates already included in each slider.)


*Add $149 to the total for on-site setup cost

1-4 Individuals ($149 ea.)

5-10 Individuals ($129 ea.)

11-20 Individuals ($119 ea.)

21+ Individuals ($109 ea.)

Calculators for Add-Ons

Image Retouching ($30 per image)

Additional Digital Images ($50 ea.)

Group/Department Photos ($149 ea.)

Here in Medford, Oregon, professional headshots for staff play a crucial role in presenting groups of employees in the most polished and impactful manner. Capturing the essence of professionalism and expertise, these headshots serve as a powerful tool for branding and corporate image. As a studio with a skilled headshot photographer in Medford, we understand the significance of lighting, composition, and posing, which results in captivating portraits that convey trust, credibility, and approachability. By investing in professional headshots for staff, teams can elevate their online presence, enhance their professional profiles, and create a cohesive visual identity. Whether it's for websites, social media platforms, or promotional materials, hiring a professional photographer in Medford for your staff headshots ensures that your business can make a lasting impression and stand out from the competition.

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