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How do you retouch my headshots?

Photography retouching for headshot photos involves refining and enhancing facial features, skin texture, and overall appearance. It aims to present subjects in their best light while maintaining a natural look and feel, ensuring a polished and professional final image. In general, the retouching we do for headshots is minimal. It's important to ensure that you still look like you in your headshots! Here is a basic idea of what we do and don't retouch in headshots:

We DO:

  • Whiten Teeth

  • Soften hard lines/wrinkles

  • Tidy up stray hairs

  • Remove temporary blemishes (such as cuts/acne)

  • Crop images to desired specifications


  • Change colors of hair/clothing/etc.

  • Edit body shape/size

  • Extensive wrinkle reduction/removal

  • Removal of images/logos on clothing

  • Remove permanent body marks (such as moles/birthmarks/tattoos) unless specifically requested by client. *Note: this will result in an additional retouching fee.

Additional retouching options FOR A FEE:

  • Background replacement

  • Blurring of the background

  • Subject cutout with a transparent background

"What if I need my headshots on a green screen background?"

Not a problem! We have the capabilities to shoot your photos on our green screen background, giving you a high-quality picture with a flawless green background for your needs. Just let us know you'll need a green screen backdrop for your headshot photos when you contact us.

If you have questions about a specific element of retouching, please contact us and we'll be glad to answer!

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