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On-Location Headshot Photography near Medford, OR

We know that it isn't always feasible to make it into a photography studio for multiple people's headshots. This is mostly true for businesses trying to schedule headshots for multiple employees. Coordinating schedules for more than one employee is difficult, and so is accounting for drive time and time spent away from the office for a photo session.

That's why we are happy to have the ability to set up our professional photography equipment at your business location in order to provide a seamless, time-effective way to have your staff headshots taken.

In general, we will schedule a time to come by your office or chosen shooting location to view the area and get an idea of how we will be able to best utilize the space for headshot photography of your staff members.

On the day of the photography session, we'll arrive and set up our equipment in the agreed upon location and you'll be able to have your employees photographed in one central location.

We will travel to businesses near Medford, within Jackson County, Oregon for on-location headshot sessions. Please note that there is an on-site setup fee of $150 for this type of photography session.

If you have any additional questions about setting up headshot photography for staff at your location, please contact us to get more detailed information unique to your needs.

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