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5 Benefits of On-Location Headshots for Staff

Here are 5 benefits of scheduling your staff headshot photo sessions to take place on-location at your place of business!

business staff headshot photography | Oregon Studio Group | Medford Photographer

Easy scheduling for multiple staff members

Most of our corporate clients like to schedule all of their staff members to have their photography session in-office on the same day. That way everyone knows where to be, and it's very quick for us to get everyone photographed and back to work!

Convenient for group photos

It can be hectic to schedule a large number of employees for individual headshots at a photography studio, and it can be even more hectic trying to get all of those employees back to the same place at the same time for a large group photo. An advantage of shooting at your business location is that employees are already there and there is generally plenty of room to gather a large group together for a picture.

Less time out of the office

With on-location headshots, there's no need to schedule employees for time out of the office at revolving times of the day. Nobody will have to account for extra drive time to our studio in addition to the time the photo session will take, which means less time out of the office for everyone!

business woman headshot photo | Oregon Studio Group | Medford Photographer

We bring everything to you

You won't have to worry about any setup! We generally come to your place of business prior to the staff headshot session to look for places that are best for photos and that have enough space for us to set up lighting and backdrops. Then on the day of the photo session, we already have everything figured out and we know exactly how to quickly and efficiently set up our equipment to ensure a fast and easy headshot session for your staff members.

Choice of office backdrop or solid backdrop

Another advantage of an on-location staff photo session is the choice of backdrops you'll have. When requested, we'll bring our solid-colored, seamless paper backdrop to set up at your business. But in addition, you'll also have the option to have some photos with your office settings in the background. You may even want to have each staff member's photo taken on each backdrop style while we're there to give you additional options!

If the convenience and simplicity of an on-location headshot session sounds like the best choice for you and your staff, use our contact form or give us a call to schedule with us. Be sure to ask about a group rate for staff teams of 5 or more!


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