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5 Fashion Tips for Guys’ Portrait Photos

5 Fashion Tips for Guys’ Portrait Photos

To take the stress and hassle out of figuring out what to wear for your photography session, we’ve created a rough guideline that’ll help you plan your portrait outfits, whether they're for business, acting portfolios, or just casual pictures.

Wear Your Favorite Clothing

Feeling comfortable and yourself is a high priority during your pictures. Think about the types of clothing you always turn to when you want to look and feel your best; these are great options for your portraits.

Try Something New

Sometimes it’s nice to have an excuse to buy something new. Hit the store for a new shirt, pair of pants, or tie to feel extra confident at your session.

Wear Clothes and Shoes You Can Move Around In

We could be posing, walking around, standing up, and sitting down for a couple hours. Make sure that you feel comfortable moving around freely in your outfit. Shoes should be clean and photogenic (no dirty sneakers or flip flops), but nothing that you feel restricted in.

Avoid Loud Colors and Prints

The best portraits don’t detract from your face and blend well into the backdrop. Try to avoid neon colors, flashy prints, bright red, and yellow. There are always exceptions to the rule, but let’s talk it out to make sure it’s a fit for the backdrop.

Make Sure Everything’s Pressed/Crisp

Little details matter, so make sure that jeans and trousers are wrinkle-free, shirts are freshly ironed, cuffs are crisp, nails are clean, and hair is freshly washed and styled.

When you're ready to book your photo session at our Medford studio, get in touch. We'll be glad to give you customized fashion tips too!

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