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Celebrating Connie | A Real-Life 40 Over 40 Feature

Connie's Fashion Fun Day: A "40 Over 40" Fashion Photoshoot Celebration

Meet Connie! She is a delightful woman with a heart of pure gold, celebrating life at 70. We recently had the chance to take her photos as she participated in our 40 Over 40 Project, in which we are using luxury photography to capture the beauty of 40 women over the age of 40 and share their stories. We are using this project to shed light on the unique beauty and stories of women in Southern Oregon, just like Connie.

Glamour photography in Medford, OR

Words of Wisdom

As part of this project, we asked Connie to share a piece of advice she would give to her 24-year-old self. She shared this sincere comment:

"I would tell my 24-year-old self to always be true to who you are and follow your dreams."

Connie's advice speaks to a lifetime of experiences that have taught her the value of authenticity and the importance of pursuing passions, encouraging a younger generation to stay true to themselves and to chase their dreams with unwavering determination.

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A Life-Changing Experience

For Connie, the most profound transformation in her life came through her spiritual journey. Reflecting on her past, she shared this with us:

"The biggest life-changing experience for me was when I gave my heart completely to God. I have learned to genuinely care about people like never before, and to be very thankful for all that I have."

This spiritual awakening brought a sense of peace and purpose to Connie's life. It deepened her compassion for others and given her gratitude for the blessings she has received. Her faith has been a guiding light, shaping her into the caring and thankful person she is today.

A Day of Glamour and Fun

The day of the photoshoot started with a lot of smiles. As soon as Connie arrived at the studio, she was excited! The day began with the pampering touch of professional hair and makeup, which enhanced her natural beauty for the camera. Connie shared with us that she doesn't often wear makeup and her beauty transformation for this photo session made her feel radiant! (She even called the day after her photoshoot to find out where to get the lip color we use for her. Go, girl!)

Here are Connie's "before and after" photos! Absolutely gorgeous!

One of the most fun parts happened even before the photoshoot day, trying on gowns! Connie was initially overwhelmed when she stepped into our studio wardrobe, but she quickly started finding some gorgeous pieces to try on. Some of our studio dresses looked like they were simply made for her! Each outfit brought out a different aspect of her personality and it was so fun to see.

Glamour photography in Medford, OR

Celebrating Connie

Connie's luxury photo session was more than just participation in the 40 Over 40 Project. The day she spent at our studio allowed us to get to know her and hear her stories. Connie was such a kind and inspiring woman, and it is our joy to share this glimpse of her personality.

We are certain Connie will continue to inspire future generations with her unwavering faith and her genuine personality.

By celebrating Connie, we get another chance to share the life, beauty, and grace of all women, everywhere. Thank you, Connie, for being a part of our 40 Over 40 Project!

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Are You Next?

Are you a woman in Southern Oregon over the age of 40, or do you know someone who's a perfect fit for the 40 Over 40 Project? Applications are being accepted here until we have reached a total of 40 photoshoots. Apply now or refer someone you love to celebrate life over 40 with our photography studio!


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