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Do I Need Professional Headshot Photos?

Are you wondering if you need professional headshots? Let's take a look at the reasons why you might!

Headshot photography for actors in Medford | Medford photographer Oregon Studio Group
Headshot photo for a Medford theater actor.

There are a lot of reasons why you might need some really great-looking headshots taken. The need usually exists for people in many different professional fields. New teachers may need a headshot for the faculty directory, a real estate agent would need a photo for their property flyers, an independent consultant for a direct sales company might want to include a picture on their business card. The list goes on.

So maybe you've already decided that you're in need of a headshot. That's great! Have you asked yourself, "Can't I take a photo myself?" Sure, you can! But the important thing to think about is this: Nine times out of ten, your photo is the first chance you get at making a first impression. So, while you might be a complete selfie pro (hey, Snapchat filters are pretty cool!), taking a professional picture of yourself is a very different ball game!

"Nine times out of ten, your photo is the first chance you get at making a first impression."

A professional photographer has experience and advanced knowledge when it comes to aspects such as posing, lighting, backdrops, and retouching. Plus, our cameras have a lot more settings than the average smartphone. And when your business image is on the line, it's worth the investment to make sure it gets done right!

Before you book a session with any photographer, make sure you take a look at their portfolio so you can see their style of work. Often, if you have something specific in mind, it helps to convey your thoughts to your photographer before your headshot photo session. If you have any doubts, talking about it beforehand can really help you AND the photographer. Most of the time they'll be able to answer any questions, make sure they understand what you want, and put your mind at ease! A good photographer will admit if something you want is completely out of their skill level. (Though for business photos, it's a good idea to keep it pretty simple and not go way out of the box!)

Here are just a few common things to consider before you book your session:

  • Do you want indoor or outdoor photos? Can your photographer do both?

  • Do you want a blurred background? Mention that to your photographer.

  • Will you need more than one outfit in your photos? Some photographers offer extra outfit changes for a minimal fee.

  • If you want black and white photos, can your photographer provide that?

Now that you know what you need, it's time to book your headshot session online! If you're local to our studio here in Medford, we're happy to chat over the phone to discuss exactly what you need!


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