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Personal Branding Photography - What Is It?

What is personal branding photography, and do you even need it?

A personal branding photography session is intended for small business owners, aspiring professionals, and entrepreneurs who wants to elevate their business game. Think about some of your favorite stores — even some big ones like Target, Aeropostale, or Macy's. Each of these businesses has a very distinct vibe, right? In the same way, the goal of a personal branding photography session is to zero in on your current or ideal aesthetic and broadcast it to the world through images that are used for your website, social media accounts, newsletters, and beyond.

professional corporate photo of woman in blue shirt by Southern Oregon Photographer at Oregon Studio Group Photography

These pictures help you come across as professional and confident, and potential clients will feel like they know and understand you much more. And we all know that when a potential customer feels more endeared to you, they’ll be more inclined to work with you! Let's face it, selfies just don't hit the mark for a professional appearance.

At our Medford photography studio, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your personal branding photography session goes smoothly and that your images clearly demonstrate who you are. That said, here are three things to consider as you prepare for your own personal branding session:

Bring Props That Represent Your Business

We won’t use a prop for every photograph, but if your business involves certain tools or products then let's consider including them in some images. For example, if you’re a photographer you’d want to bring a camera, if you’re a jewelry designer then wear your favorite pieces, if you’re a wine maker bring a few bottles and a nice glass.

professional photo of business man by Southern Oregon Photographer at Oregon Studio Group Photography

Brainstorm Locations That Fit Your Business and Personality

Most of the time, we create these photos and fabulous business headshots at our studio in Medford. We have extensive backdrop options and superior lighting, which creates an ideal professional photo. However sometimes a client may want to shoot their photos on location. For example, if you’re a restauranteur, images at your restaurant would be perfect. If you’re a potter, you may want to shoot at your studio. If your career is less nuanced, then a neutral location, like our studio, will be great.

(Keep in mind that good lighting is key for good photos. So we encourage you to get in touch with us first to make sure we'll be able to create amazing photography at your location.)

Think About Your Personal Style

For personal branding images, we really want to capture your personal style. If you’re a brew master or a woodworker, you may want to opt for a slightly elevated casual look. If you’re the founder of a high-tech smart phone app, then maybe a pressed shirt and tie or a well-tailored a-line power dress is better. We can work with you to help figure out the perfect outfit.

If you have some questions, we'd love to chat some more and answer them for you. We're here to help you discover the best style for your professional photography session in Medford, Oregon.

Give us a call at (541) 690-2710 and let's talk!


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