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What to Wear for a Photo Shoot

Not sure what to wear for a photo shoot? Here are our best tips for picking the best outfit!

If you’re staring at your closet with an upcoming photo shoot and no idea what to choose, take a look at these tips for what to wear to your photo shoot.


Solid Colors – You generally want to avoid clothing with prints for the simple fact that it’s distracting in a photo. Have you ever looked at a picture of a woman in a solid colored shirt next to a photo of a woman in a floral printed shirt? The first thing your eye will typically notice if you’re looking at them both is the pattern of the shirt. Unless you’re shooting a photo to showcase a piece of clothing for sale, you’ll typically want the eye to be drawn to your face first. That’s why we suggest choosing solid colors that won’t distract from you, the star of the photo!

Good Condition – Make sure your attire is in good condition and free of holes or stains. While a lot of photographers offer photo editing, it generally applies to blurring wrinkles, editing scars, and things like that. Editing a photo is time consuming and can be costly, so it’s a good idea to be sure that your clothing doesn’t need to be edited!

Make Sure It Fits – Proper fitting clothing is a must for your photo shoot. Since you could be in multiple different poses at various angles, you want to be sure that your clothing isn’t going to be falling off of one shoulder, revealing too much cleavage, or causing unflattering wrinkles in the clothing.

More Than One – Bring more than one outfit option to your photo shoot. A good photographer will be able to tell you which color, cut, or style will be most flattering in your photos and capture your personality on camera.

When in doubt, ask your photographer!

Flattering Colors – Choose colors that look good with your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. If you generally look good in jewel tones like sapphire blue, or emerald green, you can probably safely wear colors like garnet red, and amethyst purple as well. Pastel colors are another option if they work for you. They can tend to make your skin appear dull and washed out, so if you’re choosing a pastel be sure to check that it compliments your skin tone, hair color, and eye color first.

When In Doubt – Ask your photographer! If you still have absolutely no clue what to wear, that’s OK! Give your photographer a call and ask for some ideas. Chances are they’ll have some helpful suggestions for you. They may even have some attire to choose from, like we do at the studio!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us with questions. We're happy to chat with you and give you some ideas about what to wear for your photo shoot at our studio! Haven't booked yet? Give us a text and let's set up a studio tour for you and chat about setting up your photo session.