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What to expect at a headshot session

A headshot photography session is very straightforward. We understand it's very common for clients to be nervous about any photography session, and it can often be helpful to know what to expect before you arrive. Here is a basic outline of what a typical headshot photography session looks like at our Medford studio.

  • Arrive at our studio.

  • Take a brief tour of our space and we'll show you to the dressing area where you can hang up any additional clothing pieces you've brought.

  • You'll fill out some paperwork with your contact information.

  • We'll begin by adjusting the lighting so that it is customized to you and your photographic needs. (At this point, you'll simply be standing in front of the camera while we test, but none of these initial images will be saved while we're setting the lights. So, no pressure!)

  • We'll begin shooting your photographs and helping to pose/turn you as we go along to ensure that you get a wide array of facial expressions and body angles to choose from.

  • If you brought additional outfits, we'll suggest you switch into another outfit in our private dressing area.

  • We'll shoot more photographs in the new outfit.

  • After we've created many options for you to choose from, you'll be able to sit down with us and look through your photographs in our office to choose your favorite images.

  • We'll generally do any basic retouching right after photo selection.

  • We'll confirm your contact information and email you a link to view your photo gallery with the headshots you've chosen.


That's it! There's nothing to be nervous about and we make your comfort a priority at our Medford photography studio. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have about what to expect during a headshot photography session.

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