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Is Your Headshot Ready for 2024?

Yep, it's a thing...your business headshot photos should be updated at least once a year!


It's almost 2024 (where the heck has time gone?) and as we all get ready to launch into new adventures and projects, here's your friendly reminder to make sure you're using current business headshot photos.

Let's be honest, how professional would it really look if someone handed you a business card with their 1980's photo on it?

I said be honest!

It doesn't come across as very professional unless that person happens to run an 80's themed lounge (and even then, it's debatable).

In general, an outdated photograph can often say to the customer that a businessperson hasn't put in the time and effort to update their professional image, so unfortunately, it's sometimes assumed that the same lack of effort may be applied to that person's work. And that's not what you want your customers to think at all, right?? Because you're a super-professional, and your photos should say so while you're out there saving the business world from any potential kryptonite problems! (Sorry, I had a small nerdy moment there.)

Business Headshot Photography in Medford
We can also shoot on-site for your convenience.

But I digress, a great rule of thumb for your business headshot is to make sure that you have it updated at least once a year to make sure you actually still look like YOU when people see your professional photos.

A great rule of thumb for your business headshot is to make sure that you have it updated once a year.

We pull out all of the stops for headshot photography sessions in our Medford studio, and attention to detail is key here! We also offer a variety of background options for business photography to ensure that your photos are a perfect fit for whatever style you need. We can bring the studio to your location for on-site headshot photography, if needed. We are even equipped to offer background replacement if you need it.

Give us a call today and let's make sure we get your professional headshot photos updated in time for the new year!

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